World Bank report: Forest Accounts of Kyrgyz Republic

This work is among the first systematic compilations of the System of Environmental-Economic Accounting (SEEA) for forests and tourism in the Kyrgyz Republic, in accordance with the United Nations international standards. Many experts from all over the world worked on...

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Cultural Ecosystem Services Assessment within Natural Capital of Novokuznetsk Municipal District, Kemerovo Region, Russian Federation

Ecosystems are an essential source of human well-being as they produce a lot of ecosystem services. In the regions with developed mineral resource use, preservation of vital eco-system services is connected with finding a compromise between two sources of territory...

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Environmental-Economic Accounting in Sustainable Resource Use

The book considers the development of the System of Environmental-Economic Accounting (SEEA) that enables analysis of the interaction between the economy and the environment at different levels of territorial organization. It provides the philosophical and methodological framework for the SEEA...

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Economic Transition and Environmental Conservation: Sociocultural Aspects

Experts are increasingly of the opinion that transition to the new economic model requires a radical redefinition of the established view of the role of the individual in economic development. It changes from a factor of economic growth to the...

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Environmental Management: A Socio-Cultural Methodology

The success of environmental management today depends on due regard for the socio-cultural foundations of each society. It helps to extend the range of acceptable solutions for resource managers in institutional contexts. Emphasis on socio-cultural aspects has become the main...

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